Global Mesh is a revolutionary and innovative new poly mesh concrete reinforcement. It can be used as an alternative to 62 and lesser gauge steel reinforcing in ground supported structure and is available in easy to work with 3 x 2.1 m sheets. 

It is designed by builders/ concreters and aimed to overcome problems associated with using steel mesh. It is manufactured in Australia, ensuring an excellent quality product.
Global Mesh is a lightweight, UV and corrosion resistant, safe, easy to install, store and transport product- making it perfect for a large range of customers from large building and construction companies, to people wanting to do small DIY projects.

It has many uses including driveways, crossovers, foot paths, sheds, carports and bathrooms (all uses dependent on local council requirements)

Global Mesh is also perfect for use in the garden. Some uses are: tree surrounds, pet barriers, trellises and as a decorative structure to cover sheds or rainwater tanks to grow vines or other plants on. 


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