About Us

Global Mesh is a new and innovative design with many benefits, which include:

  • engineer tests proving that poly mesh comparable strength of steel mesh for reinforcing concrete 
  • being designed by people within the concrete industry to eliminate some - if not all - faults of using steel reinforcement
  • being up to 70% lighter than steel mesh - making sheets easier to handle, manoeuvre and work with
  • ability to be used with standard chairs and cable ties
  • easy to cut eliminating the use of large cutters or grinders
  • a defined perimeter rod, which reduces workplace injuries
  • outstanding chemical resistant properties, which eliminate the potential for corrosion typically faced with steel concrete reinforcing - making it perfect for seaside properties
  • a circular design of mesh, which can reduce in line cracking
  • UV stabelised and corrosion resistance
  • an increase of potential lifespan of structures
  • an estimated 70% reduction of carbon footprint, compared to steel
  • having more cost effective transport as the lighter weight allows increased number of sheets that can be loaded at once
  • ability to be rolled up for transport in smaller vehicles for the DIY handypersons
  • having flexibility, which allows it to be curved to be used to surround and protect saplings
  • circular design makes it ideal for an alternative to square design trellis work

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